The Truth

The Down-Low, Straight Up.
July 2019

Hot shots.

In the heat of Australian summer, Bruce heads off for a surf with the sharks, box jellyfish, and stonefish, while the sheilas stay on the deck and opt for an ice-cold glass of Nespresso. Sheilas are smart. Be like sheilas.
– by Porteus Xandau
April 2019

Dear Mr. Speaker

#circulareconomy is a film conceptualised to encourage and advance the current dialogue around the fragile ecological balance of our planet. It is not meant to be a self-righteous and preachy piece, but rather just and impersonal and impartial point of view of the prospects that might lay ahead.

February 2019

Selfie Sabotage

SELFIE is the story of two vacationers, Ronnie and Bijanka, both dying to start their summer holiday but not before realising just how different they really are. What began as a harmless selfie triggers a blow-up on the beach #awks.

– By Porteus Xandau

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